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Winch / auto tow. 10 Weak link sirenqth Winch launch and aerotow (ie. We usally stock several used winches most of which are waiting for re-engineering. Starting torque is the max.

Although the winch operator charged with controlling the glider&39;s airspeed, he has no. This tost c-010 glider winch technical manual all-metal glider comes equipped with many attractive standard features: total energy variometer 1,000 ft/min or 10 kts with a fin-mounted TE probe, altimeter 20,000 ft, air speed indicator in kts, compass, TOST center of gravity tow hook, white color all over with optional stripe, 4-point seat belts, seat cushion, wing installation pins, horizontal stabilizer pin. Tost weak link colour code black-red) / 45 don / 19 lbs. Winch Design and Construction. Useable on steelcable. The Tost tow ring is also made of high grade steel and available through most glider supply companies. No ••••••. George Moore of Spokane, Washington, has written 15 outstanding and definitive technical papers on winch dynamics, performance and automation which are available on the Winch Design web site at the following link Winch Dynamics.

Operating Manual for the Launching Hooks Manual for the TOST Release, latest approved version B. Instrukcja Obsługi Technicznej szybowca SZD-59 „ACRO”, Wydanie II, lipiec 1996. Quick release link When using a double drum winch the leeward winch cable has to be used first. a winch driver and another). Connecting ring pairs are vital for safe connection and reliable separation of a tow cable and tow releases. Tost releases still work utterly reliably after 50 years with regular maintenance.

11Mb) SF-25C Motorfalke - Propeller manual: PDF (2. TOST E–Series Tow Release General Description. If unsure of tost the correct tow ring(s), ask the glider pilot. This manual deals with the theory and practice of launching gliders by winch and is an updated version of the original edition published in June, 1997. A pilot who is training for a ground launch endorsement is expected to use Derek Piggott’s Ground Launchas a primary text. WARN ProVantage 3500 lb Winch - BM26741.

The European type is also make of high grade steel and available through glider supply businesses in the U. Select the correct breaking load according to the manual or TCDS of the towed glider. The TOST connecting ring pair for tow releases meets aeronautical standard LN 65091. Tools needed One medium tost c-010 glider winch technical manual flat-bladed screwdriver A number 6 hex key A number 3 hex key To identify the various parts, refer to the exploded view at the end of this Manual. With SC winches, the winch operator controls the glider airspeed with the winch throttle.

UPDATED - REAL ID Act of:33:00 Attention, all CAP members in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Wings: Beginning on Janu, date DHS extensions will expire, (Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island on ) will be on travel. ••••• ThiS is the translation of the original Polish Manual approved by Central Ad~1n16tretion of Civil Aviation jpages 1-3 to5-f7/ Date. . The first product was the manual actuated nose release type “BUG”. 46 Rewind ™ Radial Winch 6 Installation and Maintenance Manual Procedure 1 To install the winch you must remove the drum and use Socket Head (SH) bolts. 1 with a Tost hook, one with an Oftor hook and one with an installation of a combination of an Ottfur nose hook with Tost belly hook. The SGS 2-33 Sailplane Flight-Erection-Maintenance Manual produced by K & L Soaring LLC.

While a Schweizer tow ring will not fit into a TOST hitch, a TOST tow ring can be placed on a Schweizer type hitch, with the great possibility of the TOST tow ring becoming. In the case of the SC winches, the winch operator controls the glider airspeed with the winch throttle. Choose from our selection of manual winches, including over 200 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. Advisory This year we have had 3 hang ups where pilots tried to release and failed.

Structural Repair Manual N/A 4. I have done some bungee launching with smaller gliders (like 1m50 wing span) but never did a ROG winch launch of a big one like for example 3 m scale glider. Maintenance Manual Flight and Operation Manual FS 24 “Phoenix T0”, Issue June 1960, DVL-PfL approved 3.

Welcome to Skylaunch - manufacturers of not only the world&39;s most popular Glider/Sailplane winching systems but also manufacturers of a huge range of special purpose winches and equipment for a wide variety of uses. The CSA sailplane winch specs and its operation are fully documented in the CSA Winch Operations Manual. This web version omits the theory section – this can be found in the printed version available from the BGA office/. The STANDARD ASTIR III c-010 is the equivalent high performance glider for the standard class, with retracting undercarriage and ballast tanks in the wings. V Notes For all major repair work contact the technical expert and spare parts supplier. Winch procedures and operations are also described on the Winch Operations page.

Technical Service Manual for a glider SZD-59-1 “ACRO”, Doc. Glider Flight Manual GROB G102 6 1. 1953 followed the first TOST safety release (Universal), that has been installed near to the center–of–gravity. 22Mb) TOST winch.

The Launch Boss will radio to the winch– “Winch, glider type/glider registration n people on-board”. FLIGHT MANUAL SZD-51-1, Junior" 1. Its automatic release at a defined cable angle made the winch launch safe. TWO COOL LADIES piloting HEAVY MD-11F ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE AirClips full flight series - Duration: 1:48:47.

21Mb) OzFlarm Installation Manual: PDF (624Kb) PIK 20D Aircraft Manual: PDF (1. limitations maximum speeds mph kts — in calm weather and turbulence— onaero tow 90 78 — on winch 81 70 stalling speed 36 33 load see flight. Because the Tost ring is not compatible with the Schweizer hitch, the tow hitch may jam. Barbara Dörflein Michael Dörflein Susanne Dupont April Contents Tow cable retractor winch with guillotine tost c-010 glider winch technical manual 8 - 11. 65Mb) SF-25C Motorfalke - Engine manual: PDF (2. Winches and cranes are placed in appropriate locations for handling samplers and sensors that go over the side. Standard Equipment.

There are two manuals pertaining to the 2-33 Schweizer Glider: a. 5 bar) Semi aerobatic, cloud flying permitted. 12 A INCH AUNCH OR (a) Trim slightly nose heavy: Trim position indicator in front of neutral- Aero tow is approved only at the nose hook. 5 bar), rear 22 psi (1. Select the correct breaking load according to the manual or TCDS of the towed glider.

lt also contains supplemental data provided by Producer of the glider. For all practical purposes it is lift loads which will break the glider, not speed loads, yet the OSTlV and earlier BCAR/E requlrements set no upper limit on cable strength and do not. For easy reference, winch specifications and some maintenance part numbers are included below:. If the pilot wishes to change airspeed, they must signal the tost c-010 glider winch technical manual winch operator to increase or decrease speed. Although the winch operator is charged with controlling the glider airspeed, there is no direct way to know it.

FOD from stones on the ground run was a possible contributing factor in 2 of the incidents. • The winch crew shall include a Level 1 or 2 winch driver • It is recommended that the winch crew include two people (i. If the pilot wishes to change airspeed, the pilot must signal the winch operator to increase or decrease speed/power. The other cable must be disconnected from the parachute. Torque to apply when. Consequently Tost rings should not be attached to the Schweizer hook. cable the glider can move with no audible warning.

com Recommended for you. Page 34: Free Flight. This is to provide immediate help if an injury occurs • People on the airfield shall be briefed about the dangers of winch operations • Only TOST rings shall be used on traces. The CSA Winch Syllabusshould be used as a training guide. We take used winches in part-exchange against new ones and make an assessment on the work we consider is required. JAR 22 “Utility” category. Check the area in front and 30º to either side of the glider to ensure there is nothing within this cone for about 500 ft.

Winch "Homebuilt" Winch - 350 cu. GLIDER F L I G H T MAN U A L Issue 3 ~ Dece~ber 1985 This instruction is the part of the Airworthiness Cartific~te of the glider of: Serial No __. The Winch Design Group web site provides a valuable resource for keeping abreast of the latest developments in winch launch. It is not a ground launch training syllabus or text. This manual is a guide to winch procedures unique to Owl Canyon Gliderport. Tost/BT winch chute red. For Winch launch: Safety back release hooÄ 73".

Ensure the tow line is configured for the proper type of hitch. Glider Trailer Design: Handbook to assist with the maintaining and building of trailers: PDF (101Kb) Janus B flight and service manual: PDF (3. Glider-Equipment BV BoerenverdrietAK Bergen op Zoom Nederland T:E: Maintenance Manuals: English Polish Technical Service Manual of Glider SZD-59 “ACRO”, Issue II, July 1996. ATC winches use CVT (Continuously Variable Transmissions) drives and tensiometers which control rope tension using a microcontroller or Process Logic Controller (PLC) providing far more precise control of the launch allowing standardized training. Introduction The Flight Manual has been prepared to provide pilot with information for the safe and efficient operation of the SZD-51-1 "Junior&39;&39; glider. Manufacturer’s maximum service life 6000 hours. . International Supplier of Winches and Components for Gliding and Special Purposes.

The position of the weak link can now also be between the connecting ring pair and the safety cable. The E 75 and Tost hooks are limited to 36 months after installation or launches which ever occurs first, at which time they are to be recertified by the manufacturer. A typical glider operation will have some gliders that use the Schweizer tow hitches and others using Tost hitches. Tost wheels are still rolling after 30 years and can be repaired on request. These assesments are included in these pages and can be accessed by clicking a picture or link.

Aircraft Operating Instructions (AOI) produced by DND; and b. Since 1952 TOST company has manufactured releases for gliders. standard class glider pilatus b4 -pcll this aircraft complies with category normal of the german lfs. In stock and ready to ship. The SGS 2-33 Sailplane Flight-Erection-Maintenance Manual produced by K & L. Always ensure that the tow line is configured for the proper type of hitch being used. This Manual includes the material required to be furnished to the pilot by JAR-22.

In the case of SC winches, the winch operator controls the glider airspeed with the winch throttle. For example, a Schweizer tow ring will not fit into a Tost tow hitch, but a Tost tow ring can be placed on a Schweizer type tow hitch (with the great.

Tost c-010 glider winch technical manual

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